Everything You Need To Know About Web Development  

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Everything You Need To Know About Web Development  

A lot of people who would like to learn more about web development have told me that they feel incompetent or inadequate to learn more about this issue. The first thing that comes to my mind is of course to ask them if they know some basics about web development, and they almost always seem to fail this simple test. However, if you would truly like to learn more about web development, you should start with some basic things that I will try to cover in this article.

What Is Web Development?

The first thing that you must be able to define is the web development itself. Even though a lot of people have read a lot about web development, they seem to be unable to explain it in plain words so that everyone can understand. Therefore, you should know that web development is nothing more than an umbrella term for all the work that involves developing a web site. It is just that simple! The web site in question can actually be developed either for the Internet or intranet, and it can be as simple as a page of plain text and as complex as internet application, electronic businesses and social networking sites.


Why Web Developers Are Renaissance People

Web development is surely an industry that requires people and their skills in order to be able to exist and thrive. Now is the moment that you might wonder who these people are and what they are like. Well, to tell you the truth web developers have to be a bit of renaissance spirit in them in order to be able to thrive as web developers. What does that mean? Well, it literally means that web developers will have to have many basic interdisciplinary skills or roles which among others include, graphic design, web design, information architecture and copywriting, as well as copyediting, all the while having usability, accessibility and search engine optimization in mind.

What’s Practical Web Development?

Custom-Coding-PNG-03553All of the mentioned skills serve as means to web development, and some skills might even be added to the list. All in all, it is important that you remember that web development is generally split up into client side coding, layout and design as well as server side coding. All of these skills and knowledge that you have accumulated allow you to access web development in the best possible way.

Software Testing


What Is Software Testing?

When it comes to software testing, it is just the term which is used for the action of making sure everything works well with the site before it goes live on the World Wide Web. After web developers make sure that the site works properly, it can be launched to the public. A production site is also called a live site and it is usually run separately which allows web developers to make all the necessary changes to the site and test it before its application.

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